Bracing of trusses is extremely important. Trusses which are not braced or which are not braced correctly are subject to toppling over or collapse. It is very important that the contractor or homeowner responsible for truss erection read through all documents inside the job packet. Jobsite packets are shipped viagra priser to every job with the trusses and contain very useful information regarding truss handling and installation.

The jobsite packets consist of the following documents

  • Engineered drawings of all truss types
  • Truss layout (if applicable)
  • Checklist for handling & installing trusses
  • BCSI-B1 Bracing guidelines
  • BCSI-B2 Thru B4 Bracing guidelines (if applicable)
  • Partition Separation prevention and solutions
  • Truss placement instructions
  • Gable end bracing guidelines
  • CLB web brace substitution
  • Other documents as necessary

All of these documents provide essential information for the proper handling and installation of trusses.

To view any of the BCSI documents click on the links below
Handling, Installing, & Bracing of metal plate connected wood trusses
Truss Installation & Temporary Bracing
Web member Permanent Bracing / Web Reinforcement
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