Floor Trusses

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Some Floor Truss Facts


Today more and more builders are discovering that they benefit from using floor trusses in many ways, and use of floor trusses solves many of the problems with conventional methods. The flexibility in open web design are a tremendous advantage to today's builders, since today's homes are more complex. Floor trusses are commonly built using 2x4's in a flat wise manner creating a stable, wide surface and safer area to work on or near. Common depths of floor trusses range from 12" to 24".

  • Easy gluing while applying flooring due to the wide surface area
  • Versatility of floor trusses will enable stiffness and strength to be designed into the floor
  • Using girders and long spans will greatly minimize using load bearing interior walls, columns or other types supports thus saving construction costs and saving a great deal of time
  • Using floor trusses will minimize twisting, warping and even shrinkage that occurs with conventional methods
  • Open web designs will allow mechanical runs, plumbing and electrical runs to be easily installed, thus saving time and money in installation costs
  • Bearing and cantilever details can be easily built into the floor truss


The Framing the American Dream™ project showed how efficiently a trussed floor could be installed in a 2600 sq. ft. house

Hours to Frame

Quantity of Lumber

Stick Frame
38 hours 4,256 board ft.
Floor Truss
12 Hours 3,147 board ft.
Savings with Floor Trusses
26 Hours 1,109 board ft.