Roof Trusses

In this section you will find information pertaining to roof trusses. Click the arrows on the bottom of each page to navigate.

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Truss Webbing

Truss Types 1

Truss Types 2


Web Patterns 


King Post

For spans up to 16'


Queen Post (Fan)

For spans 10' to 20'


Fink (W)

For spans 16' to 28'


Howe (K)

For spans 24' to 36'


Fan (Double Fan)

For spans 26' to 30'


Modified Queen (Multi-panel)

For spans 28' to 44'


Double Fink (WW)

For spans 40' to 60'


Double Howe (KK)

For spans 40' to 60'


Triple Fink (WWW)

For spans 54' to 80'


Triple Howe (KKK)

For spans 54' to 80'


Modified Fan (Triple Fan)

For spans 44' to 54'

Above is a sectional view of Roof Truss parts. Hover your pointer over a section and click to enlarge that section.
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