Why use Trusses?

In this section you will learn some of the many benefits of using trusses over the conventional stick building methods.

Benefits for Contractors

  • Using pre manufactured trusses will generate less wasted materials on the job site, which will help cut down on clean up costs and will help increase safety.
  • Trusses are built in a state of the art computer-aided environment which in return will assure accuracy and quality.
  • All manufacturing and handling of the trusses are in compliance with building codes.
  • Lightweight and only requiring normal construction tools make trusses easy to install.
  • The 4x2 wide floor trusses will help speed up floor and decking installation.
  • Expenses can be easily controlled since the cost of the truss(s) can be predetermined. Job-site losses due to theft, mis-cutting, and damage are eliminated.
  • The open web design of trusses will make for simple installation of plumbing, HVAC duct work, and electrical wiring.

Benefits for the Owner

  • The owner can rest assured knowing that the trusses have been professionally engineered and quality manufactured for the specific needs they require.
  • Floor systems are very comfortable due to the resiliency that wood provides.
  • Wood is a natural insulator since it is made up of thousands of individual cells, thus making it a poor conductor of heat and cold.
  • Details in roof trusses such as tray, vaulted, and or studio ceilings will greatly improve the appearance and comfort in all types of buildings.
  • Floor trusses have the ability to conceal many mechanical services. This will leave a clear plane for ceiling installations. This is a great benefit for finished rooms at lower levels.
  • Roof trusses will provide you with a clear span so that interior walls can be easily moved during renovations and / or when adding on to your house.